About Me

Photo: Chassey Bayer Photography

I’m a twenty-something devoted traveler, hopeless romantic, and cat mom. I’m quick witted and as real as they come. Most days you can find me editing photos, googling how to “adult”, researching a new place to travel, or binge watching Netflix. I’m a lover of natural light, bright and airy rooms, music you can connect with, candid moments, meaningful conversations, and a good knock-knock joke. My life’s not perfect, nor will I pretend it is. I’ve spent most of my life taking risks and while some risks have worked out, other have turned into beautiful life lessons. That’s the beautiful thing about life, it doesn’t come with a road map.

My ultimate goal for creating this blog is to have an outlet that is raw and real. This blog is a space to connect, share my travels, and bits of life I find noteworthy: the good days, the real days, and everything in between.

So happy reading, and welcome to my family!