Hidden Litter Box

This post is for all the cat moms and dads.

Let’s talk litter boxes.

In my opinion, the only downside to having a cat is the litter box.

It’s unsightly….case and point. ^

(You’re not crazy, that litter is brown because it’s made of organic walnuts. I’m always trying new options because I’m psycho; however, this one didn’t last long.)

AND it doesn’t matter how many times a day you sweep or vacuum,

there. will. ALWAYS. be. litter. on. the. floor.

It’s like they hold as much litter in their paws and then leap out of the box to spray it all over the floor. Probably on purpose.

Studio living proved to be a challenge when it came to Loki’s litter box. Where would I put it? I definitely didn’t want it in my bedroom because my bedroom is technically my living room and kitchen. And putting it in the bathroom left me looking my cat in the eyes while we both took care of business. I CANNOT handle the bathroom staring contest.

I did an extensive google search for “hidden litter boxes”. Everything that came up didn’t fit my decor taste, was over priced, or was too small. I mean come on, I want the guy to be comfortable. I hopped on Pinterest and was surprised to find little results for what I was looking for, but was lucky to find this site and this site for inspiration. Then I got creative. I found this cabinet at IKEA (of course). It comes in a range of colors and options. The cabinet I chose was sleek and modern to fit my decor, and the perfect size to give Loki enough room without taking over the bathroom. Now Loki has privacy when he goes to the bathroom, I don’t have to see it–ANY of it–and the extra room in the cabinet eliminates the litter to almost nothing outside of the box.


The best part of this piece is that you don’t have to live in a studio apartment. This design is perfect for any space in your home.

I started by sketching an 8″x 10″ opening in 2 of the 3 walls.

(Make sure to decide which side you want the entrance to be before you cut)

I had a friend cut the openings for me since I don’t own a saw.

Following the directions I put the cabinet together.

I left one side wide open without any shelves. I put one shelf on the other side for storage.

I used white duct tape to cover the raw edges of the openings and heavy-duty velcro to keep the doors closed. I knew he would get smart and figure out that he could open the doors, one step ahead of you, Loki.

Lesson learned: Duct tape the pieces BEFORE you put them together. Taping it afterwards is possible, but there’s a bit more swearing.

I cut this mat in half ( I already had it, but carpet squares at your local home improvement would be a less expensive option) to catch more litter and put an air freshener inside.


How did Loki adjust? Perfectly. Maybe it’s all the moving we’ve done, the fact I’ve changed his food to find the best organic blend, or the hunt I’ve been on for the best litter, but change hasn’t really affected him. Like I said, I’m psycho and he knows it, so he just rolls with it.

….Remind me to find a boyfriend like that.

Studio Living

Since moving into my apartment, I’ve had a lot of questions about how I’ve made studio living work. When I signed the lease to my 550 sq. ft. studio apartment I was excited. Excited for this new chapter, excited to move into my new home, but even more excited to take on the challenge of studio living. How was I was going to cut my living space in more than half? Where would all my stuff go? How was I going to make a studio apartment feel separated but yet not closed off?

Let’s just say I love a good challenge.

There’s still a few things I’d like to add to the space, but I believe a space is always evolving. I’ll keep you updated on the different changes but for now, this is my 550 sq. ft. studio apartment as it is today.

Anyone who knows me knows that my style can be summed up in one word, minimal. Everything that I own has a place. I don’t like clutter, and knick knacks have never been my thing. Too much stuff stresses me out. Like I literally. can. not. function. I LOVE neutrals. I love mixing in natural elements and I LOVE plants. They’re a great way to add color and life to a neutral space without feeling like its cluttered.

I wanted to create a space that separated my bed from the rest of the area so I didn’t feel like I was entertaining in my bedroom and sleeping in my living room, ya know? This cube bookshelf from Ikea was exactly what I envisioned. Large enough it actually separated the space, small enough it didn’t over power. It serves as extra storage and allows the natural light to poor through. Win. Win.

What do I love most about my apartment? The floor to ceiling windows. The natural light that pours through makes the space feel light and airy. As an added bonus, they’re perfect for part time people watching.

When I was shopping for a couch, again I had versatility in mind. I knew I didn’t want something that was big and bulky but I also knew I needed something that would serve as more than just a couch for when I have guests over.  Price was also a factor because let’s be real, I’m not dropping $2,000 on a damn couch.

I found this one online, and I won’t lie, I was a bit leery since I couldn’t see it in person. I read the reviews and dismissed the ones that said something like “It was hard to put together because I had the wrong tool.”  (side rant: why are those types of reviews even allowed? It’s not the couches fault you can’t get your shit together?) but anyways, all in all the couch had great reviews. In all reality, my couch is a glorified adult futon, but it’s perfect for the space.

Tips for studio living? Keep it simple.

Also, Target and IKEA will be your best friends if you’re on a budget 😉


Runner: IKEA

Boots: Hunter

Cube Bookshelf: IKEA

Fabric Storage Bins: Target

Plant Basket: Similar here

Ladder: Homemade but similar here

Plant Holder: Home Depot (I stacked 2 together)

TV stand: Thrift store find

Cowhide Rug: Similar here


World Map: Fritz and Sparrow

Bar Stools: Target

Couch: Target

Living Room Rug: Target

Pillow: Target

Blanket Basket: Target

Corner Chair: Rummage sale find

Chair Throw: IKEA

Floor Lamp: Target