10 Tips and Tricks For Easier Moving

Holy shit guys!!!  I’m finally in my new place!  It still feels a bit surreal. Saturday was the big day and I went nonstop!  

A huge thanks to my dream team for helping with the unloading and unpacking. Seriously, we got the U-Haul unpacked in an hour. Amazzzzing!!! Since this was my 3rd time moving in 2016 and what feels like my millionth time moving since I graduated from high school, I’ve kind of got this whole moving thing down. So I’m sharing 10 tips and tricks for easier moving that I’ve picked up along the way.

1. Establish your dream team, but don’t get crazy.

Ask friends and family to help you move but be careful to not have too many people. Sometimes, TOO many people can actually get less done.

2. Make sure your dream team consists of a few members who are capable of heavy lifting.

It’s always nice to have a heavy lifter on your team.

3. Pre-Pack what you know you won’t need in the weeks leading up to the move.

If it’s summer, you’re probably safe to pack your winter gear, etc. I work best under pressure (insert David Bowie music here) so for most of my moves I wait until the last minute to do all my packing. This isn’t something I’d typically recommend, but at least you know it can all be done.


Purge before you move and purge again after. Get rid of things! Donate them. Sell them. I don’t care how you get rid of them, just get rid of them! That sweater you kept last year because you told yourself you’d wear it but you never did, yah get rid of it. You’re never going to wear it. Someone else might as well love it. I’m telling you, it’s good for your soul.

5. Use laundry baskets.

Pile as much as you can in one. Less trips, easy to carry, and who doesn’t have laundry baskets lying around??

6. DON’T take your clothes off the hangers.

Why waste your time when you’re just going to turn around and hang them back up? Seriously. NO.. ONE.. has time for that!  Keep them on the hanger and either pack them in a suitcase or put a garbage bag over them. Your clothes will stay safe and you will save yourself time and energy.

7. Use plastic storage containers instead of cardboard boxes.  

I typically try to use the clear ones so you can see exactly what is in that box. You can get some for $7 and they’ll have a purpose after the move. Plus, there’s no guessing game.  If you need to immediately get to something, you can see where it is. Viola! You don’t have to go ripping through them. Again, nobody has time for that!

8. ALWAYS have a roll of toilet paper handy.

Yep, you read that correctly. That dream team of yours is going to have use to the bathroom and nothing is worse than having the toilet paper packed at the front of the U-Haul. (Except maybe not having any at all…)

9. Pack breakables extra well.

Newspaper, bubble wrap, or plastic bags have all worked for me. Even if you think they’re well wrapped, wrap them again.

And last but not least…

10. Take a deep breath and try to stay relaxed.

Everything will get packed. Everything will get unpacked. This is something I kept reminding myself during this move. Rather than being a stressed out mega bitch, I was an easy, breezy, bundle of joy (just ask the dream team)